A new generation of vintage dj's

Residents with 9styles, Marty Moustache & Ray Chardonnay, who's names give you a “nonchalant chique” feeling and let you think of the sleazy beach club you visited last summer.
Their music style meets the following characteristics: Deep, Soulful, Melodic, Dynamic. Ingredients are Deep house with and without vocals, early house melodies, soul jams, energetic tech-house influences and spacey melodic techno.
Let your moves be guided by the lovely mix-sets of Marty Moustache & Ray Chardonnay.

Marty Moustache

Marty Moustache is not new in the house and techno scene. Hearing one of the first housetracks he got stuck to this genre.
Back then Marty didn't have a moustache yet, so his name was just (DJ) Marty.

Now, three decades later his heart is still with electronic music and so he listens to deep house and techno and spins these genres in clubs regularly.

In 2015 he made a start on producing, some tracks can be found on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and more.

Marty's goal is to preach the deeper technotics more globally and for larger crowds.

Ray Chardonnay

Inspired by Dimitri Kneppers in the late eighties Ray Chardonnay got his heart stuck on house & techno music.

Three decades ago it was just Ray without the Chardonnay. Ray even likes beers more than wine, but the name sounded so smooth! Just like his transitions.

Ray spins in bars & clubs every now and then. He also started producing and will be working together with Marty Moustache on some future audio projects.

Ray's goal is to do his slick transitions for a larger crowd and release some original grooves.